Open Up To Me

“I think our time is up.” A therapist’s summation of an hour of baring your soul and your darkest secrets feels a little awkward as you shut it down and get back to your day. For Maarit, it is a battle cry – “Get off your ass and find your life!” Maarit leaves her therapist’s office and finds herself in a moment of split second decisions that changes her life and, for better or worse, the lives of others she encounters. Excellent acting by award winning Finnish stars, Leea Klemola and Peter Franzen, this beautifully scripted film is more than a story about the experience of being transgender. Open Up To Me (Kerron Sinulle Kaiken) is a story of good people, flawed and flappable, stumbling through the hazards of connecting with another person and living with the consequences (95 min). -SH

(In Finnish with English subtitles)

preceded by Lady of the Night(Laurent Boileau, 2014, France, 10 min)

A moving animated musical tribute to a lost love.