TIGLFF is proud to present this must-see, hard-hitting documentary about justice, race, the media and a group of young women’s quest for fairness in the legal system.

The entire incident lasts four minutes; just four minutes of fear and rage between a group of young lesbians and a man on busy street in Greenwich Village. That four minutes set off a media frenzy with glaring headlines, “Killer Lesbians,” “Lesbian Wolf Pack,” “Lesbian Gang Attacks.” The women claim that the man viciously taunted them, threatened to rape them and they did what they had to do. This compelling documentary explores the story of that night and the tragic consequences of those four minutes. Issues of race, gender and sexual orientation are front and center, but the stories of these young women are deeper and astonishingly simple. What is it really like to feel so threatened and to be just sick and tired of feeling afraid? –SH