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A Cidade do Futuro/ The City of the Future – Cláudio Marques

Cláudio Marques is the director and writer of the upcoming drama, A Cidade do Futuro or The City of the Future. Marques grew up and now lives and works in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. He is also known for directing the films Sala de Milagres (2011) and Depois da Chuva (2013).

Cidade do Futuro recently won Best Film at Olhar de Cinema in Brazil and Best Latin American Film at the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema.

We were lucky enough to be able to ask Marques a few questions about A Cidade do Futuro and his history in film.

Where was CIDADE DO FUTURO first screened in front of an audience (where you attended)?

Olhar de Cinema (Curitiba/ Brasil), June 2016. It was amazing! The public loved [it] a lot.

What was your first experience at a “gay” movie? What did you see, where did you see it and who was with you?

A gay movie – it was in a film festival in Salvador (my city) in the 90’s. I was around the gay community. My friends (gays and allies).

If you couldn’t make movies, what creative outlet would you choose?

Literature, books!

With a shout out to James Lipton, what turns you on? Or off?

The freedom turns me on! Lack of freedom makes me depressed.

How do you think your film is relevant to the Tampa Bay area?

I would love to stay with the audience to see the inhabitants of Tampa meet with our protagonists from the countryside of Bahia. This kind of meeting is essential to create a different sensibility. Or to create a resistance against the facists around the world.

How would your friends and family describe you?

A libertarian person who loves a lot to work with cinema.

A Cidade do Futuro

Saturday, October 7 @ 11:00 AM

Tampa Theatre

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