Message from the President


The 2016 Tampa Bay  International Gay, Lesbian Film & Arts Festival was just what we expected – FABULOUS! Behind all of the year’s successes, was you – the sponsors, the donors, the volunteers, the audience. You made this celebration something to be remembered.

My history with the festival began eight years ago as an audience member. I was always so excited to pick up a program guide, thumb through the pages, plan which films I would see and with whom I would see them. These past 3 year, I had the added excitement of being a part of the festival as a board member. Working alongside other newbies and veterans of this great event was such a wonderful experience.

There has been a great deal of talk recently about the relevancy of film festivals and LGBTQ+ film festivals in particular. I know convenience has become a priority for so many and is often a necessity as we go about our busy lives. It’s easy to pick up a movie from a machine outside of a drug store and even easier to watch one on-demand. It isn’t always easy to find films that are created by, for or about us. And I think more importantly, it is rare to have the opportunity to discuss these films with new and “old” friends in a forum specifically designed to entertain, empower and enlighten.

Be sure to browse around our website and Facebook pages. We have great films and events already planned for 2017 beginning in January. We are also looking for new board members, volunteers and your feedback on what you would like to see from us.

With your support, I see great things for TIGLFF in 2017.  Be ready. Be open. Be involved.

YOU are what this is all about!


TIGLFF President