Message from the President


Welcome to the 28th Annual Tampa Bay International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

As we celebrate the freedoms and rights our community has so diligently fought for; 2017 ushers in change that once again challenge our communities’ resolve.  Let us remember, we as a community and festival have been here before.   Together, we will continue Reel Persistence progressing human rights, equality, and social change.

Take on this rewarding challenge: reach out to your community and bring at least one person who has little experience in attending film festivals or has never seen the Historical Tampa Theatre.

It is often the arts – performing and visual, including cinema – that take the lead in presenting social change.  The unknown is often concerning and a divergence from what’s considered “normal” is uncomfortable for many. The arts allow each of us to face our internal feelings or conflicts in small increments while we calmly continue to hear the drum beat for peaceful changes.

As we continue forward; gender identity, workplace equality, and resolution to other injustices, once again, take the forefront in our programming.

2017 showcases 86 films from more than 23 countries over the course of these nine days, including musicals, laugh-out-loud comedies, heart-wrenching dramas, suspenseful and dramatic documentaries, Friday the 13th – nail-digging thrillers…and a little something for everyone. More and more, these stories are reflections of our lives and the festival is our opportunity to come together as a community.

Thank you to our sponsors, advertisers, film makers, volunteers, board, staff, individual and community alliances, and most importantly YOU for making this possible. We are a strong community spread across the entire Bay. The economic resources and energy you put forth, make this festival a cornerstone of our community and a vital thread within the fabric of a larger global independent film industry.

We look forward to being with you on the orange carpet as we celebrate the 28th Annual Tampa Bay International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

With your support, I see great things for TIGLFF in 2018.  Be ready. Be open. Be involved.

YOU are what this is all about!


TIGLFF President