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Happiness Adjacent – Rob Williams

Rob Williams

“Stylistically, the way we’re going to tell it, and kind of the intimacy of the story–there’s only three characters–make it a little different from what we’ve done in the past, but I think that’s good,” said Rob Williams about his new film, HAPPINESS ADJACENT. Williams is a native Texan currently living in Cathedral City, CA.…

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Alabama Bound – Carolyn Sherer

Carolyn Sherer

“In Alabama we’ve had a decade of using the arts to educate others about minority communities, and it’s been very successful in a very conservative state,” said Carolyn Sherer, co-director of ALABAMA BOUND, in an interview with Andrea Chase for Killer Movie Reviews. She added, “Telling stories is probably the most powerful way  to have…

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The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin – Jennifer M. Kroot

Jennifer Kroot

“Armistead’s own tales are actually stranger than fiction because he went from being a vehemently conservative aristocrat in the deep south to an proudly out San Franciscan, whose open heart inspires compassion and togetherness,” said Jennifer M. Kroot, director of The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin in an interview with The film, a documentary…

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Princess Cyd – Stephen Cone

Stephen Cone

In an interview with Hammer to Nail, Stephen Cone, writer and director of Princess Cyd, said, “More than coming out, or sexual discovery, for me it’s this continued kind of nature vs. spirit and body vs. soul, and how do we balance our inner lives with our external lives.” Cone is a professor in Northwestern…

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Torrey Pines – Clyde Petersen

Clyde Petersen

“The story I know the most intimately is my own, so it felt pretty natural to say this is a great way to tell this story and make a feature for the first time,” Said Clyde Petersen in a Jetspace Magazine interview about his stunning stop-motion film, Torrey Pines. The feature film recently won the…

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Signature Move – Jennifer Reeder

Jennifer Reeder

“I feel like I learned so much and in the process, I also figured out a way to tell someone else’s story authentically,” said Jennifer Reeder to TimeOut Chicago about her latest directing project, Signature Move. “Being in an audience of young people of color or being in an audience that’s LGBTQ and having that…

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Dating My Mother – Mike Roma

“I’ve always been fascinated by the bond between mothers and their gay sons, but I’ve never seen a relationship quite like my own depicted onscreen,” said Mike Roma to about his latest film Dating My Mother. Known for Danny the Manny (2016) and Ennui (2015, Roma lives in Los Angeles and is the writer and director of Dating…

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ABU (Father) – Arshad Khan

Arshad Khan is a writer and director. In his directorial debut, Khan’s film, ABU, meaning “father,” chronical’s his family’s rise and fall in the wake of a country in turmoil and their eventual migration to Canada. According to, “The film mixes personal footage, interviews, and even a slew of Bollywood films to tell the story…

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