Dating My Mother – Mike Roma

“I’ve always been fascinated by the bond between mothers and their gay sons, but I’ve never seen a relationship quite like my own depicted onscreen,” said Mike Roma to about his latest film Dating My Mother.

Known for Danny the Manny (2016) and Ennui (2015, Roma lives in Los Angeles and is the writer and director of Dating My Mother.

We appreciate his taking a break to answer our questions about his film and draw toward the film industry.

Where was this film first screened in front of an audience (where you attended)?

Our first screening was at the gorgeous Castro Theater in San Francisco. Attending Frameline Film Festival, I was blown away by the reception. There were nearly 1,000 people in the audience laughing and tearing up throughout the movie. Surrounded by family and friends and wearing a new outfit that made me feel all kinds of fabulous, I’ll cherish this experience for the rest of my life.

What was your first experience at a “gay” movie? What did you see, where did you see it and who was with you?

Oh man! The first gay movie that comes to mind is MILK. I was in high school and went to the movies with my brother one weekend. I was still in the closet at the time and felt I had to turn away during the “gross” kissing scenes. It’s hilarious and kind of sad to look back at closeted teenage me and think I had to perform heterosexuality. But ultimately it was empowering to see myself depicted on screen and to learn my queer history in a crowd of straight people. It helped that my brother loved the movie too!

If you couldn’t make movies, what creative outlet would you choose?

I’m sure I would still be a writer in some way, even it was just by keeping a journal. Generally, I think people forget how important creative expression is in their daily lives. Even accountants can be creative! Maybe that’s not the best example though…

If I weren’t in the movie business, I’d be in politics. Weirdly enough, I take a break from my creative outlet by catching up on the news. Lately these “breaks” have become quite stressful.

With a shout out to James Lipton, what turns you on? Or off?

Turns me on: my next idea

Turns me off: my last idea

How do you think your film is relevant to the Tampa Bay area?

I think DATING MY MOTHER is relevant to anyone looking for that special someone in an age of online craziness. And if you’re a mom with a gay son, or a queer person who loves their mom, this movie’s for you especially.

Dating My Mother

Thursday, October 12 @ 9:15 PM

AMC Sundial 20 + IMAX

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