Why LGBTQ Film Festivals Still Matter

People ask all the time, why do you still have an LGBTQ Film Festival. The answer; because it matters.

It matters because it is often the only place many of these films will be seen.

It matters because Shorts filmmakers are often the feature filmmakers of tomorrow and this might be their only venue.

It matters because it these festivals often inspire the next generation of film makers.

It matters because their are stories told about people and culture and history that you may never see anywhere else. It matters because it is a safe place to be, even if you aren’t out, yet.

It matters because our stories evolve with us. Today we see more stories about Trans people and Poly relationships than before, because they are a reflection of our community as well.

It matters because it gives voice to those who may not have one and it amplifies the stories of our lives.

We are thrilled that there are mainstream films that portray our lives-but take the time to see stories like Transmilitary or  Call Her Ganda   You will see stories that tell more about our community, more about our humanity and more about people outside your circle.

And yeah, sometimes it is also just nice to see a couple on screen kissing who look like you.

And while we support PRIDE in all its manifestations, we know that film is the stories of our lives, larger than life, affirming what we know and how we feel.

One of the biggest reasons it matters is for community. Sure you can sit at home and watch some of these films as they stream, but there is something to be said for the shared experience of watching a film together, maybe seeing a director or writer talk about why they made the film then streaming outside the theatre and talking about it with friends old and new.