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Princess Cyd – Stephen Cone

In an interview with Hammer to Nail, Stephen Cone, writer and director of Princess Cyd, said, “More than coming out, or sexual discovery, for me it’s this continued kind of nature vs. spirit and body vs. soul, and how do we balance our inner lives with our external lives.”

Cone is a professor in Northwestern University’s Radio / Film / Television department. He also wrote and directed Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party (2015) and The Wise Kids (2011).

He sat down for a conversation with us about Princess Cyd and his history with film.

Where was Princess Cyd first screened in front of an audience (where you attended)?

Maryland Film Festival in Baltimore.
What was your first experience at a “gay” movie? What did you see, where did you see it and who was with you?
My Southern Baptist minister father took me to see PHILADELPHIA when I was 13, in Florence, South Carolina – something I remain profoundly grateful for. A few years later, I saw my first proper gay indie, BEAUTIFUL THING, on a weekend night with my high school friends. I also vividly remember watching TORCH SONG TRILOGY and THE CELLULOID CLOSET early on, by myself.
 If you couldn’t make movies, what creative outlet would you choose?
Either a novelist or a film critic/programmer/curator.
With a shout out to James Lipton, what turns you on? Or off?
ON: Confidence, kindness. OFF: Phoniness, inauthenticity.
How do you think your film is relevant to the Tampa Bay area?
Well, I imagine Tampa Bay is a summer souffle filled with mind-dwelling folks and body-dwelling folks, young and old, just like the movie.
How would your friends and family describe you?
Probably ambitious and kind and occasionally funny and a little bit elusive.
Princess Cyd
 Thursday, October 12 @ 7:00 PM
AMC Sundial 20 + IMAX
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