TIGLFF Announces Opening Night Film “Wild Nights With Emily”

We are excited to announce “Wild Nights With Emily” starring Molly Shannon as our opening night film on Friday October 5th.

“Molly Shannon Is Emily Dickinson in the Best Lesbian Comedy in Years” IndieWire

Madeleine Olnek’s new film reveals the lighter, gayer side of a poet who was neither as reclusive nor severe as history would have us believe.

The ill-formed myth surrounding Emily Dickinson – that she was a reclusive spinster who died before her work could be noticed – is upended by Madeleine Olnek’s funny new film, which sees Molly Shannon play Emily as a lustful lesbian, who writes love poems to Susan (Susan Ziegler), her best friend, sister-in-law and lover. It’s a part that Shannon was born to inhabit, and the film itself is uproariously witty, with a love story at its heart that will let audience see a whole different side to the American poet from a small community in Massachusetts.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Tampa Theatre!