We finally were able to get our hands on this limited distributed film!

When a struggling young man—HIV-positive for 20+ years—absent-mindedly deposits a $100 birthday check from his mother, he loses his government assistance. His only options are both long shots: take on an impossible bureaucracy, or somehow come up with $3,000 a month to buy his own medication … a comedy.

While Dan lives paycheck to paycheck, working the door at a San Francisco dive bar and promoting unpopular poetry slams, he has been stuck in place since the day he was diagnosed with HIV. Now positive for 22 years, Dan’s problems aren’t physical—his psyche is more of an issue than his T-cells. He longs for companionship, but dreading the inevitable “Hi I’m positive” talk, he has successfully avoided the dating scene.

Not that he’s the only one with relationship problems. Dan’s nightclub-owning boss, Bob, is a man trying to adjust to the single life after his wife tossed him out of the house. And Dan’s best friend, Paula, tired of one disappointing date after another finds life is easier with a stuffed animal.

When the state suspends his medical coverage, and his expensive combo of multi-colored, multi-tasking AIDS drugs are cut off, the daily grind and constantly living 10 pills away from death every day gets just a little more nerve-wracking.

While PUSHING DEAD offers an insider’s view of one man’s life with AIDS, it’s also a universal story of people finding ways to love first then live with the relationship later. From the offbeat to the painfully banal, the struggles of coping with mortality are explored in a film about being strengthened by a challenge, not weakened by a disease.

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