34th Annual Film Festival January 25th - 28th 2024 - St. Pete Edition




Opening Night Film - 11/03
Greenlight Theatre

Kenyatta: Do Not Wait Your Turn - Friday, 7:00pm

“Let people who are closest to the pain, be closest to the power.” So says Malcolm Kenyatta, State Representative from the North Philly district of Pennsylvania and the first Queer person of color in the Pennsylvania State House. Executive Producer, Al Roker (and others) and filmmaker Timothy Harris chronicle Malcolm’s quest for the U.S. Senate amid the stark reality of the blatant racism and homophobia engrained in the political process of this country.


Documentary Spotlight Film - 11/04
Greenlight Theatre

Black Barbie - Saturday, 2:30pm

“It took 21 years for one black fashion doll to be worthy of the Barbie name.” So says award winning Queer director, Lagueria Davis (Maid of Dishonor) who decided to make “Black Barbie” after spending time with her Aunt Beulah Mae Mitchell, a 45-year employee at Mattel. Those conversations sparked a curiosity about the evolution of Black Barbie leading to complex conversations of race, body image and social influence.

Golden Delicious

Narrative Spotlight Film - 11/05
Greenlight Theatre

Golden Delicious - Sunday, 3:30pm

Everyone wants something from high school senior Jake: his father is pushing him to try out for the basketball team—an abandoned dream of his own—and his girlfriend wants to take their relationship to the next level. But it’s not until Aleks, an openly gay teen with a love for basketball, moves in across the street that Jake begins to struggle with his own desires.


Closing Night Film - 11/05
Greenlight Theatre

Mutt - Sunday, 6:00pm

Mutt follows Feña (Lio Mehiel) through a stress-filled New York City day, as he anticipates his estranged Chilean father’s visit. In his feature debut, Vuk Lugulov-Klotz, who is also trans, builds the story by consistently adding unfair burdens onto Feña’s shoulders.