TIGLFF needs your support to ensure our future

TIGLFF could not succeed without the support of our fans, filmmakers and attendees. Please consider making a donation to help us keep showcasing the work of LGBT filmmakers.

A gift from you helps us pay filmmakers for their films, allows us to continue offering free events throughout the year, and provide a welcoming and entertaining space for the Tampa Bay community to enjoy the best in LGBT cinema.

A small gift from you ripples outward to sustain cinema organizations and LGBT artists all over the world, and we thank you for your support.


TIGLFF is also in need of the following items to support our operational efficiency:

1. iPad (4) for intake at Events and Purchases
2. MacBook Pro with ability to do video compiling for the Festival
3. Intuit Accounting Software Online ($45 mo)
4. Printing of Festival and Event Collateral
5. Donor Software – $2,500 setup
6. Website Hosting – $895
7. Movie Sponsor – $350
5. 1T Portable Drives (2)
6. Dropbox Business Membership
7. Google Ads – $600
Please contact Scott Skyberg if you would like to donate a product or service.