TIGLFF Celebrates its 25th Anniversary October 3-11th

Men’s Shorts

No No, Homo (Jerell Rosales, 2014, USA, 3 min) – I meant grab some popcorn!

Safe Word (Todd Lillethun, 2014, USA, 15 min) – Role play gone awry… shiver me timbers!

The Bash (Tyson Fitzgerald, 2013, USA, 6 min) – A couple’s argument gets unwanted attention.

Kiss Me Softly (Anthony Schatteman, 2012, Belgium, 16 min) – A singer’s son has his own style.

Barrio Boy (Dennis Shinners, 2014, USA, 8 min) – Papi likes to cut it close.

Slash (Clay Liford, 2012, USA, 9 min) – Harry/Draco or Dumbledore/Snape?

Sex Date (John Sobrack, 2014, USA, 15 min) – A case of mistaken identity gone right.

Das Phallometer(Tor Iben, 2013, Germany, 7 min) – A very special lie detector.

Squared (Hieu Tran, 2014, USA, 15 min) – Two guys compete for ‘top’ honors.

Cruising Electric (1980) (Brumby Boylston, 2013, USA, 2 min) – Boys do love their toys!

Tomorrow (Leandro Tadashi, 2014, USA, 14 min) – Getting a surprise New Year’s kiss!