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Filmmakers will be in attendance!

What Became of David Burkett?
Duane Michals,2023, USA, 3 min.

Memories of an old friend are filled with questions and longing.

Maren Lavelle, 2022, USA, 10 min.

A quiet but imaginative eighth grader attempts to find the courage to approach her secret crush while working on a middle-school production of Romeo & Juliet.

Light Leak
Híbrido Abraxas, Carla Voces, 2022, Spain, 14 min.

Oscar has two faithful partners: Lucas, his best friend since childhood, and his Super 8 film camera. Right when he starts shooting his new short film with Lucas as the main lead, he realizes that what he feels for him is more than just friendship.

Don’t Say Butterfly
Sebastian M. Oliver, 2023, Florida, 5 min.

Sam is working on a science project about butterflies. That night his mom leaves him in the apartment by himself for a few hours, the perfect time to explore another side of him.

Wishful Thinking
Rodrigo Carvalhedo, Sílvia Lara, 2023, USA/Brazil, 16 min.

Rodrigo, a closeted gay man from a conservative town in Brazil is living in Los Angeles, where he found a safe place to be who he is—as long as his family doesn’t hear about it. He must confront his identity and relationships to understand coming out is more internal than external.

Streaks of Color
MJ Gudiño, 2023, USA, 7 min.

Inspired by Alma Thomas’ Starry Night and the Astronauts, this short captures the smaller, transient moments in a relationship.

Fateema Al-Hamaydeh Miller, 2022, Canada, 15 min.

Mohamed’s fear of his true desires will be tested as he is caught off guard by the power of being seen, but can this connection break him out of his performative shell, even for a lingering moment? In Egyptian Arabic with English subtitles.

Emma Gilbertson, 2021, UK, 15 min.

Requiem is set in 1605, against the backdrop of the witch trials. It’s a coming of age story, following Evelyn (Bella Ramsey) as she engages in a game of cat and mouse against her father, Minister Gilbert, in order to be with Mary, the woman she loves.

Bi the Way
Amir Ovadia Steklov, 2022, Germany, 15 min.

Bi The Way is a short, funny, and intimate animated film about Amir’s life-journey as a bisexual cis man – made in a Stop-Motion animation technique.

Flag Act
Susana Darwin, 2023, Florida, 10 min.

Simone has run afoul of the FLAG Act, a new law which prohibits the flying of “provocative” flags. As a conflict escalates, she coolly defends her right to free speech, including the flying of a rainbow flag.

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Date: January 25
Time: 7:00 pm
Cost: $15.00
Venue: Green Light Cinema
Duration: 110 mins
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Green Light Cinema
221 2nd Ave N
St. Petersburg, FL 33701 United States
(508) 816-8968
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