AMC Sundial 12 151 2nd Ave N, St. Petersburg

Uncle Gloria is a darkly funny film full of drama and family fireworks about the macho owner of an auto wrecking company in Florida who goes into hiding from the law as a woman setting off a bizarre journey of self discovery.


Tampa Theatre 711 N Franklin St, Tampa

Follows six families as they attempt to balance work and school. From all across the nation and in all different stages of family life, these families represent a cross-section of the modern American family-- the only difference is that they are LGBT families.

Ideal Home

AMC Sundial 12 151 2nd Ave N, St. Petersburg

Paul (Paul Rudd) and Erasmus (Steve Coogan) are a quintessentially bitchy couple with a rhythm of contempt for each other so rutted in disdain there is an inevitable breaking point. And that’s when the kid shows up. The kid is Erasmus’ 10-year-old grandson and he is street-wise, cynical and predictably, changes everything.


Tampa Theatre 711 N Franklin St, Tampa

This thoughtful documentary about a transgender man named Freddy who undertakes to start a family by becoming pregnant. Though Freddy yearns to raise his own child, pregnancy challenges his understanding of masculinity, gender, and parenthood more than he could have ever imagined.

Tampa Bay Transgender Film Festival

Tampa Bay Trans Film Fest Online Screening Room

The intention of this year’s Inaugural Festival is to highlight and elevate Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR). We hope for this festival to help celebrate transgender lives & experiences, further creating a safe world for our transgender family to live in. Please join us virtually during the International Transgender Day of Remembrance, November 20th, through November 22nd to participate in this historic event.