Narrative Spotlight Film – 10/06

Our Son 1

7pm AMC Westshore – Theater 7


Narrative Spotlight Film

Bill Oliver, 2023, USA, 104 min.

Featuring great lead performances by two talented gay actors, Our Son is an absorbing exploration of parenthood and family. Gabriel (Pose’s Billy Porter) and Nicky (Beauty and the Beast’s Luke Evans) share a life in a spacious city apartment with their sweet 7 year old son, Owen (Christopher Woodly). Nicky works long hours while Gabriel stays home to care for Owen. When one day Gabriel decides he needs to end their 13 year marriage, the men begin a fight for custody. Nicky turns to family and friends including Matthew (Girls’ Andrew Rannells) and his lawyer Pam (American Horror Story’s Robin Weigert) for support while Gabriel now finds himself on the search for a new job. Both fathers are forced to consider what they prioritize in their lives and what they truly value most. (Garrett Stralnic)